History of Meyer family

1.    Brief Overview: Elder Jacob O. Meyer

Elder Jacob O. Meyer’s forefathers came from Germany in 1717, when Johannes Meyer came to inspect the prospects of the New World. After selling his possessions in Germany, he returned to the U.S with the entire family, settling 40 miles south of present day Bethel and 40 miles west of Philadelphia, in Lancaster County. In 1732 he bought 500 acres of land, 10 miles west of Bethel at Fredericksburg, and moved onto the homestead about 1740 . Elder Jacob Meyers grandfather came east to Berlin County, in which he married a young girl from the area, and bought a farm two miles South of Bethel to settle. It was here where Sir Jacob O. Meyer was born.

He studied at the Evangelical School of Theology in Myerstown, PA. He also earned an Associates degree from Thomas Edison State College. He was ordained in 1965, continuing working in the business world until he began fulltime ministry in 1970. Sir Jacob O. Meyer was raised in the German Baptist Brethren…

2.  Deaconess: Mrs Ruth F. Meyer

Elder Jacob O. Meyers wife, Mrs Ruth F. Meyer had a similar religious background to Elder Jacob O. Meyer. The mother side of her family came from the Shirk family of Shankshiville, where just south of Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania, an old Mennonite Ch-rch is located. Coincidentally, Elder Meyers granddad had also attended services at this Ch-rch with the Mennonite congregation and kindled the fire for them, although he was rooted in the Church of the Brethren, otherwise known as the German Baptist Brethren because of its German origin.

Mrs Meyer was born in 1945 at Lititz, Pennsylvania in Lancaster County, but her father bought a property in Berks County, located north-east of Bethel in 1945.  After Sir Jacob O. Meyer began to attend grade school at Bethel, his father took a position as herdsman at the Masonic Homes Farms near Elizabeth town in Lancaster County in 194, where they lived for approximately a year. They then relocated to Tupelhoken Township, about a mile east of Bethel.


3. Fate: Beshert

Not only has Elder Jacob O. Meyers mother side been affiliated with the Mennonites, but also his father has had dealings with them and of course his future wife. Elder Meyers strange coincidental marriage with Ruth is sometimes viewed as a beshert – a Jewish term used to describe two people destined for a close relationship for each other. Besides the obvious similar religious affiliation, Ruth and Jacob attended college together. In fact, unwittingly, Sir Jacob Meyer had on the first day of high school sat down next to the girl who would later become his wife. In 1952 Mrs Ruth and Mr Jacob Meyer were married and they joyfully continued their Bible studies together, growing in the knowledge of the truth.

To be continued…

  • Any sources to help with the history of the Meyer family will be appreciated. [Goldreports]

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